If you have been gulping down stress after stress during the holiday season then detox is not the only way that you could do some fine tuning with your physical and mental health. It is time to take out that yoga mat and do some premeditated poses that will help your body detox. Your body has natural ways of getting rid of toxins such as the lymphatic systems, cardiovascular and digestive. Following these poses will stimulate those systems to detoxify your body.

  • Seated heart opener. If you have poor body posture then your lung might not function as well. The seated heart opener stimulates the spine to lengthen thereby the lungs will have more room to expand and contract with every breath you take. Your body will be able to get rid of wastes, carbon dioxide, lymphatic fluid and lactic acid if you perform healthy and deep breathing sessions.
  • Bound headstand. This is one of the poses where your heart is higher than your head. Your lymphatic and circulatory system will thank you after doing this pose. With this pose, it is recommended to hold for at least 10 breaths or more. Deep breathing should be your focus to help eliminate carbon dioxide present in the lungs.
  • Wide-legged forward bend. This is another pose wherein the hearth is above your head. This defying gravity pose helps in blood circulation and helps in pulling those tight hamstrings. The folding motion will result to your stomach being squeezed thus improves digestion.
  • Head to knee C. This position might look bizarre to someone who has never done yoga before but the folding forward motion over the heel of your feet will help in massaging as well as stimulating all of your internal organs.
  • Three-legged down dog. If you have been in a detox in Thailand program with yoga in their itinerary then you might have encountered this pose before. This stimulates your body for a better blood circulation and aids in moving the fluid going to the lymph nodes. This will help people relax if they have a strong upper body.