During winter, majority of the people are not willing to entertain the idea of having a shower in a cold morning for obvious reasons. This is a good thing too because it has been proven by experts around the globe that everyday shower can be damaging to the skin because it is too much than our skin actually needs. This article will talk more about the danger of taking a bath on a daily basis and why it is important to avoid taking daily showers every morning during the winter season.

According to Dr. Ranella Hirsch, a dermatologist based in Boston, the reason why there are people who are taking a bath daily is because it has become a norm in the society and not because they feel dirty. Based on the studies conducted, the human skin has the ability to clean itself more effectively because of a built in mechanism. For people who does not go to the gym or does not work in an environment where you become very dirty at the end of the day, showering should not be an option.

During the cold mornings in the winter season, you might be tempted to take a soak in the bath with very hot water just to give your body warmth as well as comfort in the chilly weather. This is not recommended because you might be damaging your skin since it can turn flaky and dry when the natural oil is removed from the body. The oil is essential in keeping the skin moisturized as well as protected. If it is important for you to shower every day, it is recommended to use only dry soaps and shampoos. The length of the shower should also be limited between five and ten minutes.

Dermatologists recommend that winter baths should be done at least once every two days. There is no need to worry because the skin has good bacteria that maintain its protection and keeps it healthy. Since you have more time during the winter season, it might be best to install new frameless sliding shower screens to prepare for more bath times during the summer.