Several law firms have gone hipster in order to impress their clients and keep their staff happy. Different firms embracing different styled spaces Maddocks, a new office in Collins Square, Melbourne, has a barista bar and a 2-storey wintergarden, which has WiFi, spaces in and out for interaction. The cafe and other areas were designed… Read More

Materials such as plastic, glass, metal, paper, electronics and cloth are handled by the recycling industry. Many people may have seen a logo having three green arrows designed like a circle and sometimes, with three Rs. The three Rs mean reduce, reuse and recycle. The green also resemble the “Go Green” movement that focuses on… Read More

The festive season can make or break some brands. Several brands are spending greater on flashy television ads and campaigns in order to reach the shoppers on the coming Christmas season. However, not all brands have the budget to do this.   What steps are done to make sure a brand is in a shopper’s… Read More

If you want your business to have a more visible online presence, there are many ways it can be accomplished with the use of the internet but it must be done properly. This larger visibility will eventually lead to a higher number of new clients. Here are some ways to increase your presence online and… Read More

Now that people are living in the age of computers, with almost everything being run by computers, it is safe to say that businesses would also need to get tech-y in order to succeed. The Internet is playing a great role in the success of numerous businesses, big and small. It has provided tons of… Read More

Now that the world has entered its digital age, there is no denying the fact that the Internet now plays a great role in the lives of men. Almost everyone uses the Internet, even for the simplest of things. The Internet has also penetrated the way businesses are handled. In fact, Internet marketing now contributes… Read More

A secure way of growing your hard earned money is through HomeUnion Investment. Real estate properties appreciate over time which follows that as an investor, there is a lowered risk in this type of investment. If you are in the business of selling properties or renting them out, then you are into the real estate… Read More

Websites like can be used for a variety of things like blogging or selling sometimes both. The same with traditional or real-life stores, online stores cannot survive without customers to buy their products. That is why they heavily invest on marketing strategies to help them acquire lots of potential customers to increase their conversions.… Read More

According to Angie Hicks of Angie‚Äôs List, when designing patios the most vital part that homeowners and contractors should focus on is the subgrade even though this part is not visible. The foundation should be built properly by compacting. It should also be angling away from the property so in case of rain, your patio… Read More