So good to share…Pinterest0Facebook0Google+0TwitterLinkedinWestern Australia holds Australia’s title as “Home of Australia’s Most Expensive Tradies”, or at least it did. A recent renovation boom in Victoria and NSW combined with Western Australia’s property pricing loosening up a bit has led to WA losing its spot, according to a recent survey. This new survey collected data… Read More

So good to share…Pinterest0Facebook0Google+0TwitterLinkedinCondominium units are the epitome of modern way of living. Condos are convenient and they can be a personal investment where selling them in future can be a wise option. Real estate properties sell like hotcakes especially in strategic locations which is why you can easily find new luxury resort & condominiums… Read More

So good to share…Pinterest100Facebook0Google+0TwitterLinkedin Perth’s premium bathroom renovation is an absolute necessity when you want a bathroom that will match with the rest of the home. If you’ve got an elegant living room and a beautiful kitchen, it makes sense to have a spa-like master bathroom where you can relax and de-stress in luxury. After… Read More

So good to share…Pinterest0Facebook0Google+0TwitterLinkedinAccording to Angie Hicks of Angie’s List, when designing patios the most vital part that homeowners and contractors should focus on is the subgrade even though this part is not visible. The foundation should be built properly by compacting. It should also be angling away from the property so in case of… Read More