Jan Garcia, a 36 years old resident of Monterrey, Mexico shared that she got her bachelor’s degree in education 15 years ago in Minnesota. It was then that she realized that her future in the profession would be inside classrooms.

It was her dream to teach English to students in the elementary school within Mexico but because of the system adapted by the public education which is highly smeared with politics, her qualification is deemed unrecognized.

Garcia shared that after she went back to Mexico once she had graduated, it was her dream to become a teacher and to be able to use her degree. She is now a teacher at one of the private schools located in Puebla and she specializes in the English language. She admitted that it is hard for teachers like her despite being dedicated and having the right qualifications to teach freely in Mexico because of the existing bureaucracy.

Currently, she is planning on taking a new path to making her dreams come true. She is planning to study and get her master’s degree in Teaching English as a Second Language or TESOL at one of the universities in the United Stated. She will finance her studies by working at the same time at the public school system because there is currently a high demand for teacher who speaks the Spanish language.

She shared how going back to the United States is her dream and she wanted to go to a place where her skills will be given value and where she can really create a difference.

Because of the continued integrated relationship between United States and Mexico, economically and culturally, Garcia is one that will benefit from the high demand for bilingual educators. The demand is catered for the two sides of the border and this is just one proof that the two countries are developing an even closer ties.

Based on the figures provided by the Pew Hispanic Center, 35.8 million people that are in the United States are speaking Spanish in their homes. Two years ago, 9,3 per cent of the total number of children that are enrolled in public school are learning English as their second language while in areas with high population of Latinos such as California, the number is 22.7 per cent.

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