So good to share…Pinterest0Facebook0Google+0TwitterLinkedinOklahoma had some good news for those with a OK tax ID, as new state budget amounting to a record-setting $7.6 billion, while the state raked in $474 million in new taxes lead to an increased in funding for many of the states’ agencies, many of whom have been cutting down on… Read More

So good to share…Pinterest0Facebook0Google+0TwitterLinkedinEvery business needs proper marketing in order to generate new leads and improve revenues. A well designed marketing strategy helps businesses to attract new customers and stay ahead of competition. The marketing strategy of a business should be in line with the goals of the business and should be able to develop… Read More

So good to share…Pinterest0Facebook0Google+0TwitterLinkedinASX-listed funerals group InvoCare, which handles funerals and funeral directors in Sydney and across Australia, and New Zealand, has recently undergone a new refurbishment program, which is aimed at attracting Baby Boomers. CEO Martin Earp says that baby boomers were transforming the funeral industry, and, in response, he had InvoCare undergo refurbishment… Read More

So good to share…Pinterest0Facebook0Google+0TwitterLinkedinE-commerce giant, Amazon, is a global brand, with customers and sellers from a wide range of backgrounds and countries. When the tech titan revealed its plan to establish itself in the Aussie market, many an Aussie, fromĀ  a wedding planner in Sydney to the budding homeowner, took notice. However, there’ll be a… Read More

So good to share…Pinterest0Facebook0Google+0TwitterLinkedinSubstantial professional fees may result during a tax audit, enquiry, investigation or review by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) and other government offices. Accountants need all the protection they can get from accountant liability insurance to minimize their financial vulnerability. The number of non-compliance cases that were initiated this year has more… Read More