E-commerce giant, Amazon, is a global brand, with customers and sellers from a wide range of backgrounds and countries. When the tech titan revealed its plan to establish itself in the Aussie market, many an Aussie, from  a wedding planner in Sydney to the budding homeowner, took notice. However, there’ll be a little change for any Australian Amazon customers, as amazon.com site will not be inaccessible by those from the land down under.

The changes were in response to the GST regulatory changes that the government set on the 1st of July. According to a spokesperson for Amazon, says these legislative changes to how Australians experience international shopping, and, while the company regrets the inconvenience of these changes, they have been assessing how they’ll work with the changes, as an international company with multiple international sites.

The changes were about the government decision to get rid of the old $1000 threshold for imposing the GST on online purchases from overseas, which were originally set to take effect on the 1st of July, in 2017, but the government decided to delay it by 12 months. Under these changes, the operator of an ‘electronic distribution platform’ will now be treated as suppliers of low value goods, when the platform is used for the purchase of goods, even if the seller is a third party.

In 2017, more than half of all sales on the Amazon platform were sourced from third-party sellers. 

Another e-commerce giant, eBay, had called out the changes, calling them unreasonable and unworkable, which was then echoed by Alibaba and Etsy down the line. To counter, an inquiry from the Productivity Commission says that the changes was the most feasible amidst the imperfect choices available.

Both eBay and Amazon has said in the past that they may have to block Aussie buyers as a result of the changes, bad news for anyone buying in the country, whether a wedding planner in Sydney or a florist in Melbourne. These changes confirm these prior statements.

Amazon, however, has said that the Australian site, Amazon.com.au, will still allow for shopping for Amazon US’s products via the new Global Store, which the company says will allow them to grant access to their global products for Aussie customers, whilst maintaining compliance with the new laws.