In recent news, a curry recipe was said to be found inside a cookbook that was written more than 220 year ago. The said recipe claimed to be the very reason why English nowadays are so obsessed when it comes to Indian food. Aside from the curry recipe, there are other recipes inside the book that is quite known during the Georgian period when the cookbook was made. Some of the recipes are for Sally Lunn bread bun, boiled calf’s head and turtle soup.

The chicken curry recipe was said to be written inside a cookbook made by the English which dates back to more than 200 years back. This cookbook is just one of the many discoveries that proved how the country of Britain is in love with the Indian cuisine ever since. According to The Daily Telegraph, the cookbook recipe was written manually by hand. The writer was a cook working at the Begbrook House located somewhere in Bristol during the 1973. The chicken curry recipe is comprised of rice powder, chicken, curry powder and veal gravy. It is only one among the 142 other recipes that are hand written inside the book.

The cookbook was discovered by Monks since it was included in one of the private collection of books that are given to the Downside Abbey located in Radstock, Somerset. The said book donations are from the direct descendants of the family that are living in Begbrook. Unfortunately, the family house was lost in a fire that was initiated by the suffragettes during the year 1913.

Due to the popularity it has gathered nowadays and the demand of the public, it is expected that the recipe book will soon be sent for publication. According to the keeper of the archives and library inside the Abbey, Dr Simon Johnson, the cookbook show signs that it was well used before and there are obvious splatters of this and that on the pages. There are other recipes found in the book, mostly dishes that are popular during that time.