In terms of effectively marketing a wedding business, it will either cost money or time. When a wedding business gives one more time than the money, it is helpful to make use of these websites’ free marketing potential. They take some time to set up, but they are worth it.

Wedding Wire

A Wedding Wire account needs to be created for a business. Client reviews in the site are something to take advantage of. The brides go to this website to check for other couples’ experiences.

The marketing advantages do not end there. The Pro Forums offer marketing and networking advice from peers. The Wedding Forums allow one to share expert advice with brides. Their blog allows one to submit one’s best works through a real wedding submission.

Wedding Bee / Wedding Bee Pro

Vendors can openly comment on a bride’s blog posts as long as these comments are not direct promotions. The Wedding Bee Pro shows blog posts by fellow vendors. For anyone ambitious, an application can be created to become a “Pro.” This is a place to demonstrate expertise while attracting brides for free.

Bridal Tweet

When a profile has been set up, one can join Vendor Discussions, share own posts and interact with brides.

Wedding Mapper

When a business is mentioned in any of the weddings on the Wedding Mapper, photos and descriptions can be added once it is claimed.

One Wed

To receive “MatchMake” reviews and leads, a free business listing has to be created. Likewise, one can answer bride’s questions in their Ask the Experts forum. There are also Vendor Chat rooms to participate in.


Profiles are a great way in order to connect with other vendors. The pages also promote a business.


Twitter is also a search engine which means that other search engines and aggregate sites will pick up the tweets to serve for hungry searches. This equates to more website visitors for a business.


When a business that offers wedding planning services in New York or a party, marquee, chair or Table for Hire in Melbourne is marketed online and is done intelligently, it will surely be a successful one.