Internet Marketing, like any field heavily interconnected with the internet, is a constantly developing field. The state of constant flux means that new trends are popping up constantly, which means the field is constantly expanding, and gaining diversity as new methods are realized every once in a while.

Good expert advice comes from Tips given by experts, with most being somewhat generalized and emphasizing adaptability, due to the nature of the market. Some internet marketing companies end up trailing behind the trends because they aren’t adaptable enough, and, as such, end up trailing behind its competition, which is terrible in such a field. Internet marketing demands good planning, and foresight alongside adaptability, as the competitive means that an edge won’t stay unnoticed for long.

The year 2017 has shown some new methods for the internet marketing industry.

  • Augmented Reality

Pokemon Go was a trending app that trended for a while, but lost steam rather quickly after its peak. It was, however, a clear sign of the potential of augmented reality (AR) as a way of reaching out to customers and as a marketing tool. Pokemon Go, in the peak of its popularity, had a daily income amounting to $10 M, showing how open people were to embracing AR technology.


  • Data Visualization Tools

Data has always been a core element in marketing, among other fields. Since data determines what decisions businesses take, means of gathering data have grown in prominence in the past few years. The process of collecting data is long, but not overly difficult. Presenting it, however, can be challenging, and has become a profession all it owns, one in notable demand no less. As such, data visualization tools are seen as having a lot of potential for bringing a profit in for businesses that want to better communicate, within itself and with its customers.


  • Live Video Streaming.

Live video in online platforms has been slowly gaining popularity in recent times, with Facebook Live being a notable example. In the past couple of years, people have been using live streaming to deliver in-the-moment and up-to-date content regardless of who they are and where they are. The surge has been attributed to the improved quality in internet connections and the ubiquity of mobile devices that can, and are, used to stream events. This trend is expected to be a notable one during 2017, as more and more brands look to it to deliver updated content for their customers, which is one of the most common Tips in any form of online- or marketing-based business.