Last year, famous rapper 2 Chainz gained $2 million out of selling sweaters to his fans. A large portion of the revenue went to charitable institutions such as disable children, homeless veterans and also donated to arts education program. This year, ugly Christmas sweater makers and distributors are reinventing the way they deliver ugly Christmas sweaters to gain more customers. At, they offer “create your own sweater” as their way of encouraging their customers. While some of the ugly Christmas sweaters makers are being creative on their products, artists and celebrities like 2 Chainz appeal to their fans to support their products to help realize a good cause.

The success of last year’s sweater line up paved the way for 2 Chainz to create his own clothing line, the CEO Millionaires. This year, 2 Chainz is bringing back his ugly Christmas sweater line but this time around, it has a fresher, newer look with focuses on charity work through the foundation he created the T.R.U. Foundation. Just like, 2 Chainz uses his online shop to reach more customers. His online shop features a form to be filled out by those who want to share their stories and help people in need this holiday season.

Other celebrities are also joining the bandwagon of creating their own line of ugly Christmas sweaters. Some celebrities and businesses are putting a line of ugly sweaters as a way of giving back to their fans such as Uber who is currently giving away ugly Christmas sweaters in five cities of New York, Chicago, Boston, Denver and Dallas while Vancouver Giants will be using ugly Christmas sweater in their game this weekend. Their game-worn jersey will be sold to fans after the game with profits donated to charitable institutions. Other celebrities like Beyonce, Ghostface Killah of Wu-tang Clan and Shaq came up with their own line of ugly Christmas sweaters to express their creativity and to popularize their personal brand. To create your own personal and unique brand, visit and express your style on your ugly Christmas sweater.