With the average price for a luxurious or a trendy 5 star hotel in Bangkok dropping by 16%, $186 per night, it ranked sixth for the 10 most affordable 5 star hotels for US travellers.

However, in terms of 4 star hotels, Bangkok ranked first as the value for US travellers, $100 per night but a decrease of 12% year-on-year.

The Hotels.com Hotel Price Index survey

The numbers were released by Hotels.com, a top online accommodation booking site with almost 325,000 properties worldwide, ranging from all-inclusive resorts and international chains to bed & breakfasts and local favourites, through their Hotel Price Index (HPI).

Based from the HPI, the ten most affordable 5 star hotel destinations during 2014’s first half were in Asia and Europe, with travellers paying $210 or less for a night on average.

For a 5 star hotel stay in Boston at $538, a traveller can stay 3 nights in Pisa at $172 per night or 4 nights in Warsaw at $130 per night.

Four of those included in the most affordable 5 star destinations were also included in the 50 most famous international cities for the Americans – Istanbul at #18, Bangkok at #21, Beijing at #30 and Brussels at #50.

It said that the average price for a luxurious or a trendy 5 star hotel in Bangkok dropped by around 16% to result in $186.

In this period, the prices in Phuket hotels had a 10% fall to about 3,250 baht. The prices in Pattaya hotels also had a drop of 9% to 2,503 baht. Meanwhile, prices in Bangkok hotels decreased by 8% to 2,235 baht.

Best 5 star values for U.S. travellers

It list #1 Warsaw, Poland at $130, #2 Pisa, Italy at $172, #3 Cairo, Egypt at $175, #4 Mumbai, India at $176,  #5 Delhi, India at $179, #6 Bangkok, Thailand at $186, #7 Budapest, Hungary at $199, #8 Brussels, Belgium at $205, #9 Beijing, China at $209 and #10 Istanbul, Turkey at $210.

Best 4 star values for U.S. travellers

It lists #1 Bangkok, Thailand at $100, #2 Warsaw, Poland at $105, #3 Marrakech, Morocco

#4 Delhi, India at $109, #5 Budapest, Hungary at $112, #6 Mumbai, India at $112, #7 Jakarta, Indonesia at $117, #8 Cairo, Egypt at $123, #9 Prague, Czech Republic at $123 and #10 Beijing, China at $124.